Our Story

Water Wash provides power washing and deep cleaning services to remove possible hazards and raise the aesthetic of your house or business.


At Water Wash, we provide power washing and deep cleaning services to remove possible hazards and raise the aesthetic of your house or business. We are focused on holding the utmost professionalism to guarantee that you have complete satisfaction, confidence, and peace of mind. Our trained technicians are experienced, honest, and hardworking, and will always go above and beyond for you, our customers.


We know when you’re ready to have your home, business, or commercial space cleaned, being efficient matters. We provide very speedy quotes and prompt services so you, your family, employees or customers can start enjoying the benefits of having a cleaner, safer space. We can provide phone, digital and in-person quotes to provide for all parties We are able to offer pressure washing services to most areas within 24-hour period.


We are passionate about what we do, so our team wants to provide you with a positive experience. That’s why when you partner with Water Wash, you can always rely on friendly, courteous, and polite service. At Water Wash, we love our community and care about the people we provide services to. We even go the extra mile to make your pressure washing service simple and stress-free.

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Why does Water Wash Exist?

We started Water Wash because we found a lack of professionalism and experience in Australia’s pressure-washing industry. We also wanted to make a change to an industry that hasn’t improved its technology or services in decades. We utilise the newest technology that Europe and the USA are only just adopting. We also aim to reduce hassle for our customers by creating a one-stop shop for all services to do with property preparation. Our locally based team consists of at least 2 technicians that have extensive experience in each service that we provide.

Our Mission

Here at Water wash, our mission is to reduce Australia’s pressure washing industry emissions to ⅓ of what it currently is by 2025. The company prides itself on customer service and any type of person-to-person interaction as a mutual feature of the overall service provided. Specific operational machinery has been resourced to aid in this long-term goal of reducing emissions by over half. Despite the nature of cleaning and high/soft pressure cleaning as an industry, Water wash aims to break this trend while spreading awareness regarding the opportunity for sustainable change over time.

Taking an unorthodox approach to service through renewable energy sources and an overall reduction in water volume usage Water wash aims to not only provide a clear example of sustainable practice but also lead the industry through the quality of service