Roof Cleaning

Soft Washing is the lower-pressure alternative to pressure washing.

The Cure for Streaks and Stains

At Water Wash we have a cure for all these destructive bacteria ruining the appeal of your home. With a roof cleaning service from Water Wash, you can expect the most efficient, precise service entailing:

  • Black Stain Removal – Our cleaning products are specifically formulated to deal with those black streaks destroying the appeal of your home.
  • Mould and Mildew Removal – Our soft wash technology which is formulated to directly address and kill those spores from mould, mildew and algae. These bacteria not only live on your roof, they eat it. Hence, our soft washing technology rejuvenates your roof back to its original state.
  • Long-Lasting results – Our specialized roof cleaning techniques don’t just offer a short-term rejuvenation for your roof, they kill the roots of these bacteria, hence giving your roof a long-lasting cleanse.
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Restore your Roof

The experts at Water Wash will restore your roof back to its original beauty. Using our specialized soft washing technology, your previously affected roof will be brought back to life. With a professional roof cleaning service provided by the best roof cleaning company in Melbourne, your roof will be rejuvenated not only for the next week but for the longer-lasting future. This harshly degrading bacteria will be killed and removed, exponentially improving the appeal and beauty of your home. Call us today or sign up for a quote to experience this professional roof wash for yourself. 

Why do we choose Soft Washing?

  • Safety – The extreme pressure enforced by pressure washing can take a massive toll on the integrity of your roof, leaving indentations or destroying the surface material. Soft washing, however, vastly reduces the pressure of the spray, making it a far safer alternative for the surface of your roof. Despite the lack of pressure, soft washing still delivers lasting results.
  • Quality – Our specifically formulated cleaning products kill these bacteria lurching themselves to your roof, removing this debris and destroying the beauty of your home. As a result, you get a rejuvenated roof bringing your home back to life.

With a soft washing service from the professionals at Water Wash, your roof isn’t just cleaner. It is transformed for the long run. Call us or sign up for a quote today to experience this professional service for yourself.

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