Stadiums & Training Facilities

Most pressure-washing businesses may not have the right equipment to deal and tackle stadium cleaning. 

We have the fundamental experience and knowledge such as:

  • Hose reels of up to 200 meters and Water storage tanks to deal with a lack of hose docking stations
  • For drainage issues, we can recycle and reuse the water to create less blockage and waste.
  • We know to use lower pressure around chains at risk of stripping paint
  • Normally to prep areas, we require them to be free of rubbish. We offer in-house staff to pick up all necessary debris. We will also dispose of this rubbish ethically and sustainably.
  • We know there will be many chemical limitations that we are able to work around.
  • Our staff at Water Wash are trained to deal with not only rubbish but a significant quantity of spills, stains and crumbs.
  • In our quotes, due to the large nature of these jobs. We split each section so the quote can be broken down into importance. This way we can focus on areas with the highest foot traffic.
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