Wood Cleaning

With our specialized pressure washing techniques, our team at Water Wash has the capability to transform any downfall of your property back to its original sparkly state.

Why does cleaning your decking and fences matter?

The obvious reasons of cleaning your deck and fences are to make it look more inviting and overall newer, but these are not the most important reasons. You should get these cleaned because in the long run it will save a lot of money. Algae, mildew and mould actually destroy the wood, by eating into the fence and splitting fibres in the wood. For metal and wooden fences, mould, mildews and algae create allergens that are harmful for your health. Not only will it make you healthier and save you money, it overall looks better and more attractive.

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How do you restore or refurbish your deck?

People often look towards strong chemicals applied by hand which will not give you the results you desire. We always recommend pressure washing services on deck because our trained professionals know exactly what to do and how to treat your deck.

Why not do it yourself?

Pressure washing when done incorrectly with decks can be detrimental to the look and integrity. When people pressure wash decks, the fibres in the wood split causing significant long-term damage.

What will we do?

Our quoting team will initially assess the requirements and what we will need for the project; upon arrival on the day of the job, normally we start with a lower-pressure wash which will get the majority of algae and moss off. Then progress to a more intense process if no results were seen for the first actions. This could involve utilising chemicals, heat or higher pressures.

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