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Using high-pressure water from a pressure washer to remove grime, dirt, and loose paint from surfaces, this effective method for cleaning exterior surfaces involves a tool consisting of high-pressure jets which operate at 6,000 PSI.

To avoid injury or damage the best method is to hire a professional pressure washing company who are trained to ensure a job well-done.

At a pressure of less than 500 PSI and a temperature over 100 degrees, soft washing involves the use of biodegradable chemicals to break down grime and dirt on the surfaces such as outdoor wooden paneling, outdoor furniture, screens, and windows. This lower pressure avoids the removal of protective coating on surfaces. The use of hot water acts as a natural disinfectant hence it keeps the surfaces cleaner for longer periods of time as well as enhances the ability of the water to cut grease.

The pressure at which the water is being expelled is the main difference, where pressure washing uses the highest pressure of water to remove tough grime. Soft washing uses both chemicals and water at a lower pressure to provide a gentle clean.

Water Wash offers both services to provide an all-round clean removing grime from a variety of surfaces.

  • Driveways
  • Roofs
  • Decks
  • Footpath
  • Gutters
  • Exterior Paint Removal
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Windows
  • Roof Shingles
  • Fences
  • Killing biological growth
  • Lights
  • Solvent-based detergent
  • Neutral detergent
  • Low alkaline detergent
  • High foaming, low alkaline detergent
  • High alkaline detergents
  • Low acidity detergents

With the company’s goal to reduce Australia’s pressure washing emissions to 1/3 of what they currently are by 2025 Water Wash utilises “soft washing” as an eco-friendly service that still removes the tough stains by chemically breaking down the grime allowing for an easy removal. Having specified biodegradable chemicals (ranging from low alkaline to highly alkaline detergents) for different purposes enables a more time efficient clean, hence reducing the amount of water used.

There are a few key indications when it is time to consider a pressure wash service.

Large surface area

If a large area has firmly packed soiling, grime or oil-based stains, power washing can be used as a time-efficient method for effective removal.


Discolouration occurs when algae accumulates, particularly on roofs, causing the appearance of staining and streaks. This unsightly look can occur on the exterior of your home, where dirt and stains build up over time.

Gutter clogged

This big task can leave the average homeowner dedicating weeks cleaning the exterior of their property and the likelihood of mistakes being made is much higher than those who are professionally trained to handle the equipment. Their expertise in safely operating a pressure washer and knowledge of the suitable pressure for specific surfaces can avoid permanent damage and allow for a time efficient clean

At WaterWash we pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy all our customers, why is this you might ask? Because we don’t call a job finished until our customers are satisfied. Hence you can expect an efficient and precise service specialized to target all your requests.

When using a pressure washer there are two key things to keep in mind:

  1. Always refer to the instructor’s manual. This is essential as when working with high pressure washers there are risks associated and each surface requires a different pressure (PSI). Whether that be cleaning your driveway or getting stains off your roof.
  2. Keep your distance from the surface to reduce back spray and the intensity of the spray. With these safety guidelines in mind, go out and make your property look flawless!

However, the best way to alleviate these risks is to hire a professional pressure washing company, equipped with the relevant training to efficiently and precisely transform your property.

If you are considering pressure washing your driveway, you must know that this is a precise task which often takes many hours of work. A WaterWash professional with high levels of skill in this area would be able to complete it faster, however they still may take hours depending on the size of the driveway.

It’s tough to place a specific time frame on the job since there are many factors affecting the time taken, such as water pressure, weather conditions, intensity of the debris and the material of the driveway. If you decide on embarking on this project yourself (which we would not recommend as you may damage the surface), be prepared to spend at least 4 hours of thorough cleaning before changing to a different section of the driveway.

Commercial pressure washing refers to the cleaning of large commercial buildings (businesses or warehouses) with high pressure water spray. Our specialized surface works to remove unwanted grime, dirt, debris, stains and bacterial growth to maintain an aesthetic property.

The process of pressure washing involves spraying high-pressure jets at the surface material to remove deeply embedded debris from the surface.

No two homes are identical and hence there is no set amount that homeowners should expect from a pressure washing quote. However the formula of our pricing and quoting largely relies on the square meterage of your property, hence a larger home will be quoted a greater amount than a smaller home.

However, we also must assess the extent of cleaning required as the pricing of soft washing (employs cleaning products) slightly varies from simple pressure washing.

Pressure Washing homes is an extremely effective method for exterior cleaning.

All you require is a hose, a pressure washer and a water nozzle. The worker should wear eye goggles (safety glasses) to protect against spraying particles. Be sure to use appropriate chemicals which are relevant to the type of surface you are addressing to avoid damages inflicted by other substances that are not compatible with the affected surface. Finally, it is essential that all mess is cleaned up and warnings are placed around slippery surfaces to prevent falls and accidents.

Soft washing is a process involving low pressure water with cleaning products (predominantly detergent) to address dirt on exterior surfaces (particularly those fragile surfaces) e.g. timber, surfaces with loose paint. The water and the cleaning products are specialized to loosen and break down dirt, grim, mildew stains and other contamination found on the wall surface. Soft Washing can also improve air quality by alleviating mould and bacteria from the surface.

This depends on your deck and largely how old it is and what you are hoping to accomplish. Pressure washing your deck will remove debris and prevent mould, mildew and algae growth, improving the aesthetics of your deck. However, often older decks have extremely fragile surfaces and pressure washing would entirely strip the paint.

Often it is more effective if the deck is intensely scrubbed before pressure washing to wear down the finish on the wood and reduce the likelihood of damaging the material in the process. If you do opt for machine cleaning, consider limiting the heat of the water as more heat will dissipate the surface paint of the deck.

You can get pricing for a pressure washing service by contacting any pressure washing company in your area. This pricing will be delivered through a quote, furthermore the pricing will vary depending on the size and condition of your home, as well as the company you choose to work with. Typically, most companies will have a flat square meter rate.

The cost of roof cleaning will vary depending on the size of your roof, the material it is made from (colorbond vs tile), the location and the height off the ground. For instance, a small colorbond roof in a rural area will cost significantly less than a large tile roof 4 stories off the ground in an urban area. Other factors affecting the cost of roof cleaning include the pitch of the roof and whether there are any special features or areas requiring precise attention. For a roof quote, sign up for a free estimate or call us today.