Extra Services

We Offer Car Washing, Garbage Bins, Pool Draining and Cleaning, Gutters and External Pipes, and Paint Retouching as Our Extra Services.

Car Washing

We take pride in our exterior service! Our team will remove bugs, mud, tar, dust, grease and oils from the paint, windows including mirrors, plastic and wheels. After this, we will clean the windows, clean the tyres and finally apply protective Wax. Our team has your sunroof covered too…

The service includes:
  • Full outside wash with a pressure washer
  • Clean door jams
  • Tyres
  • Windows
  • Finished with a Gloss Wash
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Garbage Bin and Commercial Drum Cleaning

Mould, Horrible smells, Diapers?

Water Wash does both commercial and residential bin cleaning. Sustainability orientated by using new technology to reduce water wastage.

What are the benefits?

Healthier – Using heated water washes out all the bacteria, preventing diseases.

Cleaner – Cleaning all the bad stuff removes the odours and grease. This makes putting the bin out less feared!

Price: $80

What you get from the service is the removal of all odours, fully insured workers for all scenarios and 100% satisfaction or it’s free of charge!

Pool Draining and Cleaning

If your pool hasn’t been cleaned in a year or even years since your last pool drainage. Instead of not having fun in the summer season, with Water Wash pool maintenance, we can help you start your season off right.

Why do you need a pool/spa draining service?

Everyone wants their pool to look good, but not only that, you want it to be safe for use. We do repair work, clean difficult stains and remove any other waste in your swimming pool. There are some things no one wants in their pool.

What do we do?

  • Step 1) Drain the pool using the newest pump technology.
  • Step 2) The pool is deep cleaned as washed with a pressure washer.
  • Step 3) Small specs are inspected and cleaned.
  • Step 4) The pool is refilled are ready for use!
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Gutter cleaning services we offer at Water Wash:

Our trained professionals at Water Wash offer a broad array of cleaning services to meet the needs of your homes:

  • Interior gutter
  • Outside gutter
  • Soffit and fascia
  • Roof for debris removal

Paint Retouching

All types of houses have weathering problems whether that’s, pealing, striping, or cracking. Being trained professionals, we know exactly what to do when patching up an area that looks out of place. Our team does both indoor and outdoor paint repair.

Upon request, we can also do spray painting

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