Building Washing

We offer a variety of services to increase your property’s value through a range of detailing services.

Increase Your Property Value

We offer a variety of services to increase your property’s value through a range of detailing services. We currently work on any type of low-rise structure (up to 15 meters). Our staff have the ability, technology and training to clean any type of building that you manage or own.

  • Brick and Mortar businesses
  • Warehouse/Distribution centres
  • Multi-unit strata
  • Condominium units
  • Offices

Did you know just a simple exterior pressure wash can increase your property’s value by up to $30,000*?

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Having Curb Appeal goes a long way

Clean business exterior – A well-maintained, clean building exterior speaks currently about the business you run.  As an owner/manager your focus should be on managing customers, employees and goals. We should be the ones to focus on time-consuming tasks like property maintenance.  The businesses we currently deal with have mould, algae, mildew, cobwebs and other unwanted items. Our job is to remove, clean and overall raise your exterior and property value as a whole. 

Tailored services for your business – Every business is unique in its own way. Whether that entails irregular working hours that can’t be disturbed or the size and shape, in which case we offer next day and out-of-hours services. Out-of-hour services allow us to work on your business during hours that won’t affect your business. Your business could be considered high risk as it could be heritage listed, in which case, we offer soft washing which has no risk of damaging your assets.

Long-Lasting Cleaning – Our services will be beneficial for your business for years to come. Your business will have a long-lasting first impression of cleanliness. Cleanliness is more than being aesthetically pleasing. It shows that your business takes pride in its operations and is professional, organised and safe

The most popular businesses that we deliver exterior cleaning services to;

When you hire Water Wash, you are entitled to unlimited free revisions of work that you are unhappy with. We will simply not stop working until you are 100% happy with our team’s work. Not only this, you are getting years of professional expertise that is designed to help your business succeed.

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Retail stores and Shopfronts

Parking Areas

Government Buildings

University, Schools and Colleges