property preperation

Our mission is oriented around saving the customer time and money.

We Aim to Save You Time and Make You Money!

Our mission is oriented around saving the customer time and money. There are various events that you may need to get your house in order to look the best it can be. We are a one-stop service that can get your property ready for:

  • Real estate showings – Create the illusion that your house is in tip-top condition, as this may result in increased interest and a higher sale price.
  • Tours of your business – This may include safety inspections, investor visits and other functions.
  • Household/Family events – Whether this is Christmas or Birthdays, they are all important! With your house looking immaculate, you can focus your time on celebrating life’s milestones.
  • Mortgage Refinances – Get more money out of your house!*

& Many more! 

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What will we do to get your property ready?

We complete the vast majority of tasks in-house however, if we are unable to do so, we will connect you with an alternative professional company. Allowing us to contract on your behalf will free you up more time as it will normally take weeks of managing to get it ready for job day. We know the best professionals in each area to ensure only the best work is done 

What does Water Wash typically prepare?

  • General cleanliness – We aim to get rid of all mould, algae and unwanted debris, externally and internally. We achieve this by Pressure Washing and engaging an interior detailing cleaner;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Simple landscaping – This includes Lawn mowing and general pruning;
  • Line remarking.