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Why Should You Get Your Building Washed? 

Why Should I Get My Building Washed?

Reduced Health Risks and Hazards – After our team washes and extracts harmful irritants, your workplace environment will have safer conditions as we remove unwanted algae, dirt, moss, mould and, most importantly, dust. These can all cause workplace health issues and put your business at risk.

Increases Curb Appeal – Pressure washing paths and sidewalks may seem unnecessary. But keeping your kerb appeal high significantly contributes to gaining organic foot traffic. It was found that people are 46% more likely to enter a clean and polished shop front. Creating a good impression on customers is vital to a business’s success. There is a misconception that the inside of a business is more important, whereas for stores and no service-based businesses, the presentation of the exterior is critical.

Prevents Maintenance Costs – Frequently pressure washing can keep your business from getting attacked by pollutants and contaminants. These can eat away at a building’s exterior. Ultimately saving you money on re-painting and normal repairs

Better for the Environment – Traditionally, removing mould, algae, and graffiti requires significant amounts of harmful chemicals, whereas we utilise innovative technology that allows us to do the same job by using higher pressure and heated water with temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius.

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How we can adapt for your business?

Flexible Booking

We know shutting down workplaces can be expensive and inefficient. We offer bookings outside of traditional working hours. This is so you don’t have to sacrifice the day-to-day operations of the business.

Recurring Visits

We offer discounted regularly scheduled bookings around your cleaning requirements, with our standard frequency of