Christmas Lights

Here at Water Wash, we want to create a memorable Christmas experience by decorating your commercial site or house.

How do we go about Christmas light installation?

Purchasing the items – We have partnered with various companies that have a large variety of lighting products. We can organise purchasing at a discounted price and can have it delivered to our office, which makes the process easy for you. 

Setting up your dream Christmas lighting experience – We have hired staff that know all about the electrical side of the set-up. Our staff will make sure everything is waterproofed and safely secured to the building. We make sure that they can withstand all weather conditions and natural causes.

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What we offer

Christmas Light Installation – From just a few simple lights that are high off the ground, or expensive sequences and displays, we set it up and let you relax in your holiday

Christmas Display Installation  –  Displays work to boost the overall satisfaction and aesthetics of your property. These displays are what people take away and remember. Our most common displays are Reindeer, Giant Santas and Snowmen.

Visual and Sound Displays –  Impress the neighbours with synchronised lights that follow beats, songs, patterns or can simply adjust to sounds. Our most common request is to match the lights to the sound of car radios or people’s volume, as they walk past.

What We Offer

Maintenance of lights – We know all about Christmas lights, which is why is it is best for us to make adjustments and fix your problems. Often these adjustments will be free of change if we were the company you choose to set them up.

Full display removal – Since we use various techniques to secure your lights, we find it is easier for you for us to dismantle and remove them. All you need to do is tell us where you would like it stored. We will place them neatly back in storage ready for next year.

Procurement of innovative light and displays – If you want to blow everyone away, we have contacts that produce state-of-the-art lighting. We can source out-of-this-world displays. Which will leave a lasting impression with everyone that walks past.

Enquire about our various lighting packages to make your house or property stand out.

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