Cleaning Your Business Carpark

Cleaning Your Business Carpark

You invest in a cleaner to regularly clean the floors and bathrooms of your business. You hire window cleaners, too. So, why let the cleanliness of your carpark slip by the wayside?

Tyres marks, oil stains, faded parking spaces, dirty asphalt – a carpark like this could seriously be letting your business down.

But luckily, with the help of Melbourne’s expert carpark pressure cleaners at Water Wash, you can restore your business carpark to its former glory. Here’s how carpark cleaning works and why Water Wash is your team of choice!

How does carpark cleaning work?

Carpark cleaning uses high-pressure cleaning equipment to remove dirt, oil stains and tyre marks from your carpark. Pressure washing involves using electric-motorised or petrol-fuelled industrial equipment to generate a stream of water, either with or without detergents depending on the application, which removes dirt and marks from your carpark surface.

Water Wash uses high-tech equipment imported from Europe and USA to cut through those though blemishes like tyre marks and oil stains. We also offer biodegradable detergents which are an effective yet eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemicals.

Areas of focus when cleaning your carpark:

  • Burnout marks
    Has your carpark been the scene of burnouts or reckless driving? After you’ve notified the police, give us a call at Water Wash. Our high-pressure cleaning service is able to remove the aftermath of reckless driving on your property, eliminating burnout marks and skid marks to discourage things like this from happening in the future.
  • Entrances and exits
    Since drivers tend to accelerate harder out of exits, this leaves an increased amount of tyre marks on your carpark. We put particular focus on cleaning the entrances and exits of your carpark, creating a great first impression when customers and clients first enter your business premises.
  • Walls and fences
    Carpark walls are susceptible to graffiti, as well as general dirt and dust accumulation. We’re experts in removing these eyesores without causing structural damage, as brick and concrete walls must be cleaned using the correct amount of pressure.

Optimal frequency of carpark cleaning

For the best, long-lasting results when cleaning your business carpark, we recommend scheduling a clean at least twice a year. This allows your pressure washing experts to effectively remove stubborn stains without risking damage to your asphalt through use of excess pressure.

Benefits of business carpark cleaning:

  • A better first impression from new customers and clients
  • Improved business aesthetics and professionalism
  • Boosted curb appeal
  • Improved safety through reduced slippery surfaces

Carpark cleaning is one of our trademark services at Water Wash – Melbourne’s kings of pressure-cleaning. Having worked on countless carparks, we improve your commercial property in more ways than one. Our mission is to maintain our 100% customer satisfaction ratio and to reduce the pressure-washing industry’s total emissions to a third of what it is now. Talk to Melbourne’s pressure-washing specialists at Water Wash today.