Regular Building Maintenance

Ownership and maintenance go hand in hand, no matter what we’re talking about. From cars to ships to suspension bridges, once something is built, it’s up to the owner to maintain it in order to provide an exceptional level of aesthetics, functionality and safety.

Regular commercial building maintenance is key to achieving all of these and more. With help from your local pressure-cleaning experts at Water Wash, you can keep your building looking good, drawing in customers and clients and upholding a high level of safety. Let’s discuss the building maintenance services offered at Water Wash:

High-pressure washing for building exteriors

Over time, your commercial building will accumulate dust and dirt which is exacerbated by rain, often creating ugly streaks on your building’s façade. This kind of dirt, an off-putting sight for customers, can be a difficult thing to clean off using household materials.

High-pressure cleaning, however, can remove this grime with ease. Water Wash uses state-of-the-art pressure cleaning equipment to blast away dirt and grime from your building’s façade, making it look brand new again. First impressions count, and a dirty façade sends the wrong message to potential customers! We suggest scheduling regular exterior pressure washing at least twice a year.

Commercial concrete cleaning

Pathways, driveways, outdoor areas – we’re sure you’ve got some concrete on your commercial property that could be a little cleaner. Our commercial concrete cleaning service removes dirt, dust, graffiti and even chewing gum from your premises. Biodegradable cleaning solutions can also be employed for those tough-to-get stains.

Window cleaning

As a one-stop team of experts in regular building maintenance, window cleaning is another service we provide. Experts in both interior and exterior window cleaning, we can schedule regular window cleaning throughout the year, giving you one less thing to think about in terms of building maintenance.

We suggest getting your building windows cleaned between once a month and quarterly.

Carpark cleaning

Tyres marks, oil stains, faded parking spaces, dirty asphalt – a carpark like this could seriously be letting your business down. Melbourne’s expert carpark pressure cleaners at Water Wash are here to restore your business carpark to its former glory, scheduling regular carpark cleaning twice a year.

Benefits of regular building maintenance:

  • Draw in more business
    First impressions count. A well-maintained building creates better first impressions.
  • Improved safety
    Maintaining your building isn’t just about looks – it’s even more so about safety.
  • High level of employee satisfaction
    No employee wants to work in an environment which doesn’t hold their satisfaction and safety in high regard. Regular building maintenance improves workplace satisfaction.
  • Improved aesthetics
    Your building will look great thanks to our range of maintenance services.

At Water Wash, we believe building maintenance is key to a successful business. We’re Melbourne’s experts in pressure-washing, maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction ratio. We’re passionate about sustainability, and have a goal to reduce the pressure-washing industry’s total emissions to a third of what it is now. Talk to Melbourne’s pressure-washing specialists at Water Wash today.