Why You Need To Get Your Driveway Pressure Cleaned

Driveway pressure-cleaning is a serious gamechanger which can lift up the face of your home, drive curb appeal and prevent unwanted nasties like weed, moss and mildew from building up!

But leave that cheap, hardware store pressure washer in the shed – to get the best results, you need a professional team with professional equipment.

Let’s talk about why you need your driveway pressure-cleaned, and why Water Wash is Melbourne’s team to do it for you.

A fresh, clean look

Your driveway probably isn’t the colour you think it is. We’re not saying you’re colour-blind – we’re saying that, over the years, things like dirt, dust and oil have collected upon your driveway, turning it a few shades duller than it should be. Cream concrete that turned into a cloudy grey; red pavers that have gone all brown; driveways like these can be easily restored by Water Wash using high-pressure cleaning equipment.

Eliminate mould and mildew

But what’s event worse than the accumulation of dirt and oil? Mould, moss and mildew! These pesky growths are an eyesore on your driveway and can also lead to the quicker decline of your driveway’s integrity. Moss, for example, has little root-like things called rhizoids which grow into your pavers or concrete, causing tiny cracks. Once it rains and water seeps into these cracks, it speeds up the process of destroying your driveway.

But luckily, there’s a cure for these little green monsters: high-pressure cleaning! Our professional equipment blasts away moss, mould and mildew with ease, giving your driveway a fresh new look.

Prevent weed growth

Driveway weeds are the pimples of the home maintenance world. Just when you thought you had a clean, smooth surface, they pop up out of nowhere and need squeezing! One of the best things about high-pressure cleaning your driveway is that it can prevent weeds from littering your entire drive. Our high-tech equipment blasts away those invasive weeds popping up in your driveway, saving you from plucking them out by hand. Apply a little weed killer afterwards, and you won’t be seeing those buggers again!

Boosted curb appeal

Real estate agents encourage one simple little trick when putting homes on the market: get the driveway pressure-washed! This is because driveway pressure cleaning is an affordable service which can boost curb appeal by a mile, giving you a high ROI (return on investment) renovation right before selling the home.

Water Wash is Melbourne’s royal team in high-pressure cleaning. From driveways to exterior walls to retaining walls to roofs, we provide power washing and deep cleaning services to remove possible hazards and raise the aesthetic of your house or business. We have a number of simple missions here at Water Wash, including maintaining our 100% customer satisfaction ratio and reducing the pressure-washing industry’s total emissions to a third of what it is now. Talk to Melbourne’s pressure-washing geniuses at Water Wash today.